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Luis Fernando Sanchez Barrios is a Mexican industrial designer. Passionate about product design which usually seeks innovative alternatives in its materiality, trying to transform ideas into something tangible, always caring about simplicity, functionality, and sustainability.  

His work has been exhibited in various museums and exhibitions around the world.

Self-taught graphic designer, and certified screen-printer. He has worked on projects for different brands and designers with more than 8 years of experience in the freelance design and screen printing sector.  





Fashion Touchdown NFL Mexico winner / CDMX, Mexico 2016

Finalist Diseña México Award / CDMX, Mexico 2018

Top 50 projects Global Grad Show Dubai, UAE 2020

Honorable Mention Wanted Design / NY, USA 2020

Nominee Green Product Award /  Berlin, Germany 2021
Nominee Salone Satellite Award /Milano, Italy 2022


"Inédito" Design Week / CDMX, Mexico 2018
"Olivetti Makes" INBA/ CDMX, Mexico 2018
Diseña México Award / CDMX, Mexico 2018
Zona MACO / CDMX, Mexico 2019
Wanted Design /  NY, USA 2019
The Chair That Rocks /  Tlacotalpan, Mexico 2019
Milano's Virtual Design Fair /  Milano, Italy 2020
Hebei International Design Week / Hebei, China 2020
Abierto Mexicano de Diseño / CDMX, Mexico 2020
The Lost Graduation Show / Milano, Italy 2021
London Stationery Show /  London, United Kingdom 2022
It’s our F***ing Backyard. Designing Material Futures / Amsterdam, Netherlands 2022
Salone Satellite /  Milano, Italy 2022

Solar Energy Show/  Rotterdam, Netherlands 2022 (upcoming)

Conadeip Mexico / CDMX, Mexico 2015

Glocal Design Magazine / CDMX, Mexico 2018
A! Diseño Magazine / CDMX, Mexico 2018
Surface Magazine / NY, USA 2020

Architectural Digest / CDMX, Mexico 2020


SpringwiseLondon, United Kingdom 2020

Design Boom2020

Isola Design District / Milano, Italy 2020
Península ConstruyeYucatan, Mexico 2020

Colossal 2020

MVS Noticias / CDMX, Mexico 2020

Institute of Spanish Studies Bangalore, India 2020

Enfoque Noticias/ CDMX, Mexico 2021

Yanko Design 2021

México Design Magazine / Jalisco, Mexico 2021
Cent Magazine United Kingdom 2021
Design Wanted /  Milan, Italy 2022

Yanko Design /  2022

CONECTA /  CDMX, México 2022

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