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The symbolic value that we give to our actions, the actions that we most frequently carry out, is the starting point that was taken; that is to say, a habitual ritual. The experience and relationship action user object has been taken to develop this project through 3 decorative figures, worked in ash wood, whose purpose is to increase the sense of belonging to an inhabitant of Mexico City with its context.

If the sound of the different birds of the City is carefully appreciated, they can be found with: sparrows, turtledoves, and hummingbirds, among others. If you look deeper, it is possible to find finches, tailors, and even swallow birds.

The purpose is to give a more homelike presence to these birds that have always been and will be present in the daily life of Mexico City.

Birds was a collection designed by Luis Fernando Barrios and Roberto Díaz.



Date: 3 November 2018


Photography by Jesús Sifuentes

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