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The health implications of the new coronavirus pose a number of unresolved challenges to governments, communities, and individuals, discouraging the ability of health authorities to control the spread of the virus. The objective of the project was to present solutions to the collateral problems of COVID-19; increase treatment capacity and detection methods, enable collaboration in the collection and processing of disease data.

A rapid, inexpensive, and biodegradable test was developed for home detection of the virus, which is contained in a sachet made from recycled aluminum. The test is done with the same natural plant fibers as most toilet paper. Each test is made of cellulose and contains no plastic, fiberglass, or nitrocellulose, elements found in almost all single-use diagnostics.


The test can biodegrade in the soil in less than 10 weeks, just like a banana peel.




Date: April 12020


Photography by Sebastián Grisales, Luis  Fernando Barrios

BTK Wipo.jpg
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