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Gelassette is a solution where environmental health and human health can go hand in hand.


It is an organic case alternative for lateral flow assays to test COVID, or any other single-use testing, without the turndowns or excessive dimensions as cellulose variants, granting soil biodegradability in less than 4 weeks and water-dispersible in less than 3 hours. Gelassette aims to solve medical waste control worldwide with a feasible and affordable solution.


Not only are we in the era of a health crisis, but we are also in the middle of a ‘plastic soup’ crisis. Without debate plastic products played a crucial role in protecting people during the pandemic. However, the international waste management association estimates that throw-away plastic increased up to 300 percent since the start of this pandemic. As COVID will likely be a part of our lives, we should consider how to deal with single-use protective products, such as antigen tests, and how they are produced. Every time you do a lateral flow coronavirus test, you throw away around 10g of plastic. Caring for our environment and public health must go hand in hand.


Gelassette derives from the first biodegradable cellulose-based rapid test ever designed by Luis Fernando Sanchez Barrios back in 2020. The prototype was further evaluated and improved in terms of material and the design which led to an ultimate optimized version: Gelassette. It contains no plastic at all, and the positive characteristics of plastics are mimicked by a 100% biodegradable material often used in medicine: gelatin. The gelatin composition is fully biodegradable so that the lateral flow assay device is plastic-free and environmentally friendly.

Gelassette was made in collaboration with Daniel Lopez Velasco.



Date: 07 may 2022


Photography by Sebastián Grisales, Luis Fernando Barrios

Sachet Gelassette.png
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