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Tetra is a new concept of urban bicycle with minimalist and aerodynamic lines, inspired by NAICM. (New International Airport of Mexico City), which represents the new Mexican Industrial Design using technology and Innovation to offer better user experiences with sustainability.

Tetra's need and innovation stem from the mobility problem of airport users, as they have to move from one Terminal to another within the airport and there is no response to this need to move with greater ease and speed (controlled and comfortable), this within a cycle-lane type, avoiding being late and missing flights, a problem that is increasingly common in the various airports of the World.

This bicycle encourages enthusiasts to use it to explore terminals that sometimes have various options for shops or food and service areas such as bathrooms, either pedaling or only using it in electric mode, for those who cannot pedal due to any physical disability or old at the time.




Date:12 May 2018


Photography by Rodrigo Chapa, Fernando Barrios

Retrato Tetra.jpg
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